• Resiliency

  • Reputational Dexterity

  • Yoga for Recovery 

  • Mindfulness in the Real World

  • Change Management

  • Gratitude in Times of Trouble

  • Professional and Personal Responsibility 

Resiliency is much more than ‘bouncing back’. The adage that “people either are or are not resilient” is simply not true. Resiliency can be developed by accepting that change is part of living, that crisis are not insurmountable problems, by maintain a hopeful attitude and by looking for opportunities for self-discovery. The neat thing about resiliency is that you can be both resilient and vulnerable. By being true to our own vulnerabilities we are able to put things into perspective by dealing with life challenges in an authentic and sustainable way. Building personal resilience requires perspective, emotional intelligence, values, strengths, connection and managing physical energy.

Reputational Dexterity 
In the age of social media where it seems that facts don’t matter, a lifetime of good work can be dismissed in an instant. We seem fixated on publicly shaming those we whom we might disagree. The impact of public shaming can cause great harm long after the shaming has been done. Reputational crises can destroy lives.  Reputation dexterity is about reclaiming your life in a way that deals with the issues in a manner that you remain true to yourself. Mike will share his ideas and experiences. His range of knowledge is staggering and any audience will relate to his substance and depth.  He will bring fresh and compelling perspectives –whether story telling or teaching-and he will make every minute count. 

Yoga for Recovery
Mike presents practical approaches and practices from Transformation Yoga Project’s book titled Yoga for Recovery: A Practical Guide for Healing by Michael D. Huggins & Andrew J. Moore. You will learn how to begin, maintain and support a trauma-sensitive, mindfulness-based yoga practice developed specifically to support your recovery efforts. Topics covered include yoga philosophy related to the recovery journey, breathing exercises, yoga movement sequences, chair yoga, mediations as well as reflection questions.  This is a straight forward, practical presentation yet steeped in and supported by science.

Mindfulness in the Real World
What is mindfulness? This popular term, which is often associated with abstract notions like “awareness” and “consciousness,” has very practical applications for health care workers, law enforcement officers, social workers, and many others who work in high-stress environments. It’s a technique of reprogramming your mind to think in healthier and less stressful ways.  Learn how you can use it to enhance well-being on and off the job. Learn key techniques that ease and improve interaction with your co-workers and patients on a daily basis, especially in high-stress situations. Discover simple exercises you can do to lessen the stress you carry from work to home.

Change Management
Leading teams through change is how true leaders rise to the top. Change management is more than simply helping your employees adapt to organizational and cultural changes. It is not a one-stop temporary fix to a sudden shift.  Change management is an ongoing strategy and mindset. Mike Huggins is a change management thought leader who knows most people would rather erase change than embrace it.  Mike will present techniques and change implementation strategies for staying resilient, keeping your best people, and supporting your entire staff will help your organization not just survive oncoming changes but thrive. His actionable tips for becoming change-resilient will prepare your audience for everything from bracing for regulatory changes to lasting cultural shifts.

Gratitude in Times of Trouble
It’s easy to be grateful as you climb the mountain but what defines you is how you react when you tumble to the bottom.  Mike will provide insight into healthy ways we can cope with circumstances beyond our control in an often unforgiving and uncompassionate environment.

Sampling of Engagements

Business Community


C-Suite Executives

CEO Trust – Mid-Atlantic chapter
Corporate Responsibility: Professional and Personal Responsibility  

Greater Philadelphia Senior Executive Group 
The Responsible Corporate Officer: The Soft Side of Internal Controls 


Beacon For Life ​– CEO Roundtable

Achieving Results Without Selling Your Soul



LaSalle University – Lecture Series
Mind Body Approach to Career Development & Personal Ethics  
Economic Development Council – Best Practices Conference at Lankenau Medical Center
Mindfulness in the Real World

The Knauer Theater for the Performing Arts
Personal Transformation in Unlikely Places 

Canyon Ranch - Mind, Body, Spirit Network (Manhattan, NY) 
Life Changing Ah-Ha moments 


Ultimate Success Camp Life

 Where You Are Doesn’t Define Who You Are 


Health Management & Mindfulness Community  


Philadelphia Health Management Corporation (oversees prisoner reentry and recovery services) 
Yoga for Recovery


Economic Development Council – Best Practices Conference at Lankenau Medical Center

Yoga for Recovery  

Onward Behavioral Health 
Yoga as a Tool for IOP Therapy (Intensive Outpatient Program)


Beyond the Walls: Prison Healthcare and Reentry Summit at the Philadelphia Convention Center
 Yoga as a Means for Healing Inside and Out


Middle Atlantic States Correctional Association

Mindfulness for Correctional Officers


The Searchlight Series at Eastern State Penitentiary & Museum
Prison Yoga 


Deuel Vocational Institution

Going Om: A CEO’s Journey from a Prison Facility to Spiritual Tranquility​

Namas Day Yoga Conference at WHYY TV
Yoga in Action: Community Service